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You’ll love this movie.

If you’ve never watched the film Basquait, here it is, in full. Cast ...

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Banksy… Better at street art than David Hockney is at stained glass.

I used to be a street artist, after which I went to art school and ...

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Even writing about it is hard.

Depression. What a bastard. Depression is a bit like pain. It’s really hard ...

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A lot of what used to be funny and acceptable is now racist or sexist or homophobic and not. It’s good we see this.

Sunday, spending time with my partner, watching Blackadder on DVD just to pass the time. ...


Don’t put the blame on me

I’m only human after all…. HumanRag’n’Bone ManI’...


Love this ting! One Republic Counting STARS *****

Play and play again 🙂Count dem stars Brav… Counting Stars – OneRepublic Lately I ...


What does ethical lending, and borrowing, look like? In practice… in the real world? Let me know what you think, people of the Much.

Ethical as a whole I define as ‘a scale, relating to the benefit to life’. ...

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Social media makes fakes out of all of us. But this is worse. A thousand times worse. By a thousand miles.

Bird Lovegod gets miffed at ‘Ai Influencers” … Instagram accounts that are actually ...

Business News

Facebook didn’t prioritise ethics. It prioritised growth. Now it’s huge. And unethical. Surprised Much?

Bird Lovegod, journalist and co founder of EthicalMuch, shares his opinion. You’re welcome ...

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