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Can someone tell the internet I don’t want to wear this?

By bird_lovegod | 12 December 18 07:01pm | News and Views

Do I want to look like I’m wearing medeival armour made from felt? 

Do I want to look like I raided the dressing up box at the local museum?

Am I going to a fancy dress party but just don’t know it yet?

Then why must the internet keep trying to sell me this thing?!

Please but no thank you.

Dear internet. I don’t want to wear this. Please don’t make me.

 It’s like actual mal wear

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1 Comment

Cheryl on 13th December 2018 9:34:46

Google probably overheard you talking about a suit of armour and very kindly decided to point you in the direction of one! xx Try it everyone! Talk about something completely random and irrelevant to your life whilst Google is open on your phone and Google will try to sell you it a few days later!

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