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Mortal Engines. Easily 100X better than The Meg.

By bird_lovegod | 11 December 18 10:59pm | Uncategorised

It’s a worth going to see film, take a decent slice of steam punk, a nod of Starwars, a teeny bit of Dune, a molecule of Mad Max 3 Beyond Thunderdome, (it doesn’t come near to the grit and realism of Fury Road), and yes, toss in a smidgin of Brexit. Add some political truths, and set London rolling over everything in her path. Stage it a thousand years after the ‘screen age’ (that’s you and me) and chuck in an undead Ai zombie Maybot and you’re probably going to need a bigger cup of cola bottles.

Favourite quote. “We should never have gone into Europe.”

It’s a bit longer than it needed to be, or perhaps they could’ve split it in two, finished the first chapter abruptly, then made us wait five years for the part two finale. Like Netflix would’ve. Plus by then Brexit should’ve handed over more material.

Ridiculous, unbelievable, a story worth watching. 

75% I’ll give it. Naaa, 80%. Something like that. Set expectations to ‘alright’ and you should be OK. 

“We have to stop London before it destroys us.”

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