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This makes me want to be a lesbian. Who techs.

By bird_lovegod | 15 October 18 02:26pm | Uncategorised

Tech Events can be dull. This probably won’t be.

I happened to come across this and if I was a woman and even slightly techy and even slightly lesbian I’d be there. My initial reaction was ‘why do lesbians who tech need thier own event?’ Presumably they know better than I do regarding this, and it seems like they do. Women are poorly represented in the tech scene anyway, especially so the more techy it gets. Lesbians… that’s not even a thing in tech, I thought. Peoples sexuality is a non event in the scene as far as I’m aware. No one cares if you’re gay or straight or whatever. They care if you can add value to them in some way, if you can make an intro to a VC, or be a client, or maybe just be a laugh and get pissed after work.

But, if I was a minority grouped person, and felt that I was a strange fish ? in a big pool ?‍♀️ I might well enjoy the company of hundreds of other strange fish.

As it is I’m a strange ? not a ? but I do hope I understand. 

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