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It’s not blockchain, it’s us.

By bird_lovegod | 15 October 18 03:14pm | Uncategorised

The Gurdian writes critically of blockchain and bitcoin. But it’s not the tech. It’s people. 

What starts out as a ‘power to the people’ thing gets tranction, becomes powerful, and soon looks like the exact thing it started out to oppose and replace. Four legs good and all that. Socialism and all that. Bitcoin and all that.

Indeed it started as a ‘disintermediate the banks’ system, take back control ideology, and hey presto, it’s now almost entirely centralised and run by anonymous and possibly slightly shady individuals and organisations. Bitcoin is opaque, hugely wasteful of resources, and basically pointless. It’s a technological representation of human traits. The desire to be free, met with greed.

It’s not the tech, you see. It’s people. It’s an inclination towards freedom and self determination, on one hand. And an inclination towards acquisition and greed on the other. 

No technology will free us. Technology will not save us. How can it? We ourselves are the slavers, and the threat.

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