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Theresa May has made this Brexit all about her. It’s not. It’s all about all of us.

By bird_lovegod | 5 December 18 05:42pm | News and Views

Teressa May has got what fighter pilots call ‘target fixation’. It’s where a pilot focuses so hard on the target, especially a ground based one, they risk actually smashing into it, eyes popping, guns blazing. 

It feels like literally nothing will stop her from attempting to ram home her negotiated deal. It’s determination gone wrong. 

In her completely one track no options mind, even if it means withholding legal information from Parliament, this deal must be done. 

It’s determination gone into overdrive. It’s what dictators suffer from. She needs to relax, let go, stop making it all about HER, and make it all about the people of the UK. She should just be open with the information, rather than trying to withhold legal advice because it doesn’t suit her position. 

She’s had to play such a hard hand against the EU negotiators that she’s in some sort of PTSD toxic shock syndrome. She’s so singular, so non negotiable, no plan B, no anything except her way, she’s missing every other possibility of what might be right.

In other words, she’s gone wrong. And every descision she makes from now on will be flawed. She’s literally in contempt of Parliament. She’s gone rogue. This is bad.

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EthicalMuch Admin on 6th December 2018 15:39:41

Yo, hands up if you want to be Teressa May right now?!! No takers?! Bird, we hear you, she’s definitely determined to complete what she started... bet you’d be the same tho right! Brexit ... what a scenario .... hard to discern an ethical position on the leave / stay front .... it’s more about truthfulness and openness and honesty and all the other characteristics and traits this issue challenges us with. Important not to get over fixated on Brexit though, there’s still a whole world of stuff going on out there. PS Nice good deeds Birdman! Keep rocking!

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