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Our Goverment has a policy of deliberate impoverishment. They call it ‘austerity’. And not one of them has suffered it themselves.

By ethicalmuch_admin | 4 December 18 02:18pm | News and Views

I’ve been thinking about the political choice of deliberate impoverishment this government calls ‘austerity.’ 

 There’s been an increase in crime, antisocial behaviours, and what feels like a degradation, or at least stagnation, of civilisation and civility. And I’m beginning to understand why. Lowering people into a climate of ‘austerity’, ie impoverishment, is like putting them in water they can just about keep thier head above, if that’s all they focus on doing. Imagine a sea of struggling, almost drowning people. This is the conservative governments vision of ‘austerity’. A cruelly and deliberately inflicted life of poverty. A life of cut off possibilities, culled potential, restricted and stunted. A non choice for millions of UK citizens to suffer, a deliberate choice from a few hundred MPs to inflict and enforce. I’m only just starting to see the immense and disgraceful injustice of this. 

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