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The question is, Who is to be forgiven for this..?

By bird_lovegod | 5 February 19 11:43am | News and Views

I saw an annoying bit of ‘Facebook Wisdom’ yesterday and felt I had to do something.

It was a meme from the author Iain Banks, one of those casual posts, regarding who to blame for the state of the World, the poor or the billionaires.

But it agitated me. It sought to be helpful, but was infact just another brick in the wall between people. Here’s the bottom line.

If it’s a question of ‘Who to blame’ then the question is wrong.

Blame = I, or we, are victims.

Being a victim = not having power.

And honestly, is blame helpful? Humans have been blaming each other since forever, to what effect?

I only care about the solutions so let’s get straight to it.

Who to Forgive? That’s the question to ask.

Who do we need to forgive in this situation? In any situation? In every situation?

Maybe it’s the same people as the ones we were blaming. But here’s the difference. If we’re blaming, we’re being victims. If we’re forgiving, we’re being victors. It really is that simple.

Blame culture pretends to be helpful but all it does is divide.

A forgiveness culture … well, can you imagine such an environment.

Peace, forgiveness, acceptance, change, transformation, harmonisation…

Or more blame?

So every time you think or see or read in terms of ‘who is to blame’, maybe try to re phrase it. ‘Who to forgive?’

And you immediately go from a victim to a victor.

Thanks for listening,


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