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By ethicalmuch_admin | 8 February 19 11:52am | Art and Creativity, News and Views

There will be no apologies for shouting, not when we actually discovered this.

I came linked from a Medium post, and so yay, we thought meh, click the link …

Then it becomes a whole website of “A curated selection of films created by or featuring women of color.” Not just the Hollywood kind of film, better than, independent shorts, 5 minutes, 7 minutes, micro budget, but funny man.

Just trust us

So we watched the first short episode of the first one catch our eye, see above, and we like this website! Muchos.

We will be sharing more of this.

In the time, visit the site yourself, it’s not the fastest loading site, due to it having all the videos, but give it the few seconds it deserves.

Just watched another short. Never have I wanted to be a black girl smoking weed with my sisters till now. Damn.

7 minutes of grin.

This is such a cool find.

You can even submit your own film or shorts. Quote below:

Want To Be Featured?
At The Watchlist we curate and produce films created by or featuring women of color. If you’d like to submit your film for consideration please use the form below. In order for your work to be hosted on The Watchlist it must be:
Free to view online
Created by or featuring a woman of color
English (or with English subtitles)
Dope as hell
* We will not claim any rights to submitted work.

Dope as hell. In a good way. Amen. Yes it is spelt like that.

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