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The Human Codex … a gift to the future.

By bird_lovegod | 8 November 18 01:41pm | News and Views

Bird Lovegod talks with Lloyd Cox, founder of a curious project…

The first initial idea of The Human Codex came after a conversation just after Christmas 2015. I started to put things in to motion in early 2016. Before that I worked for an author, in his finance department, studying to become an accountant.

(An author that needs a finance department… dang.) The Human Codex (THC – appropriate, it helps us remember?) is like a digital time capsule, a place where people can document their … stories? Truth? Lives? Wisdom? Whatever it is they want to pass to the future. I’m curious. How do you see it being different to Facebook for example? Is THC intended to be open for everyone to see, what kind of info do you think people will store on their timelines?

It is different from other platforms not only in the way the platform works (appearance and functionality) but the concept and intent behind it. The Human Codex is for people, there are no businesses or other entities.  We’re asking people to be open with their lives, and share their life stories. The idea is to get people to share their lives the way they want to. Some might write long journal posts, some might share a story with a picture, others might share only their name and they existed.

We are really trying to not push what people should share, but let people be remembered how they would like to be.

Everyone will eventually be able to go to THC and see the public posts on the main feed. However, the user has complete control over who sees what they share on the platform. User privacy is at the top of the list for us. THC focuses on the person, trying to find the best ways for that person to share their life story, acknowledge their existence, and preserve invaluable knowledge so it can be passed on to the future generations.

I am not sure this is what Facebook is trying to do.

Yea, not even the Zuckerboy knows what FB is trying to do anymore. Unscrew itself mostly I think. So. THC. Is it live yet? When’s the launch ?

We have “Core” we are working on now with some test users. The Beta will be ready to open up to the public in early 2019. Once Beta is open we will close of registration once we hit 5,000 users. These users will then be asked to help us improve and help guide the direction of THC. The user will all have a little appreciation on their Codex to show they were among the first to help start shaping the future. People can pre-register now to secure their place for when we go live.

Thank you Lloyd.

I did it.

Do it here.



Image by Janko Ferlič on Unsplash


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