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Advertising is getting stupider ?

By bird_lovegod | 8 November 18 12:49pm | News and Views

I discovered a really good website today, called , it’s a leading architecture and design magazine, and also covers technology and fashion. Great website, really. And then I was so irritated and distracted by one of their adverts that the enjoyment was broken, and I came here to vent my end of patience annoyance with websites that host deliberately distracting adverts. 

Dezeen runs adverts for a company called Sancal. They produce some sort of rug, or throw. The adverts are a gif that changes once a second. I’m going to shout here. THIS ADVERTISING RENDERS THE DEZEEN WEBSITE UNREADABLE. It’s a design website, all about high end aesthetics. Then they destroy their own visual usability with an advert that would’ve been irritating twenty years ago. 

From a ‘data perspective’ it might ‘work’. I clicked through, so I could see which company was committing this crime against audience enjoyment. Loads more people probably clicked. Most of them to try and remove it. Although you can’t because there isn’t a X button.

Forget data. Use your eyes.

So there you go. Or rather, don’t go, to Dezeen. It’s a great site, but they pollute their space with gifverts and invert the user experience from one of enjoyment to one of infuriation. Totally unnecessary self harm and counter to everything they stand for.

Pity, I really like them. Dezeen. Please take this on board.

Would you put a whopping great flashing advert on a masterpiece of architecture? 

Don’t do it to yourselves.

Sorry for shouting…I love you.

But I’ll never buy one of those damn rugs.


Great photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

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