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The best vegetable samosa in Sheffield is from a post office.

By bird_lovegod | 27 November 18 05:02pm | News and Views

Yes EM fans it’s true. I go to the post office on Sharrowvale Road, S11, every Tuesday to buy a copy of the Yorkshire Post. And they also happen to sell the absolutely the best samosas I have ever eaten. Today, I bought my papers, and two samosas. I’d eaten one and a half of them before leaving the shop, I had to allow myself to buy 2 more. They are home cooked by the mum of the family who run the post office, and they are exceptional. I was stopped mid conversation with one of the totally friendly post office guys by a particularly delicious burst of what I think was cardamom. They are exactly the right level of spicyness, tingly and delicious. They cost 60p. I’m reluctant to even share the information in case too many people buy them. They are exquisite. Well done to the lady who makes these. Total goodness.

The photo I took in the changing room at the gym before eating it, number 3, couldn’t help myself. I make no apologies. Delish. 

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