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Friday is Carers Rights Day

By ethicalmuch_admin | 27 November 18 12:32pm | Business News, News and Views

On Friday, the nation recognises the seven million unpaid carers on Carers Rights Day – many of whom are seeking the support of in-home care agencies, to provide respite care in their own homes not just for the elderly but also younger people with special needs. 

For many, this is a lifeline. Angela Scott, from Littlehampton in Sussex, relies on a local in-home care provider, Caremark Worthing, to support her in caring for her youngest child, Gabby. Gabby has Cerebral palsy, which severely affects her mobility and ability to communicate.

“I also have three boys, who are 21, 17 and 12, so the word ‘busy’ doesn’t even come close to describing how full my days are,” said Angela. “All three boys live at home, Gabby goes to a specialist primary school in Chichester and I volunteer with adults with learning difficulties – plus, I’m a single Mum. Without our regular visits from Gabby’s care worker, I honestly don’t know what I would do. Sending Gabby to a respite centre just wouldn’t work for us, as a family. It’s a real shame that people think respite care means sending their loved one away for days at a time. That just isn’t the case.” 

Angela first sought the support of Caremark when Gabby was only nine months old. The symptoms of her daughter’s condition meant she would struggle to settle, leaving Angela exhausted and with very little time to spend with her young boys. When Caremark stepped in to support, Angela found she had one-on-one time with her three eldest children. In the six years that Caremark have been working with the family, Gabby has been cared for by the same small team of care workers – something Angela is extremely grateful for. 

“You hear stories of people having different care workers coming in and out of their homes, but Caremark always send the same lovely care worker. Gabby loves spending time with her and, because she is only six, it’s so important to be me that her care is consistent. If I was to send her into a respite centre, she might be seeing a different person every time which would be quite unsettling for her. Because her care worker comes to see us at home, I’m given a much-needed break whilst also feeling safe in the knowledge that Gabby is in a safe environment, where she feels happy.”

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