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It’s random act of kindness Tuesday… And every day why not!

By bird_lovegod | 18 December 18 12:44pm | News and Views

Just seen it’s Giving Tuesday , as promoted by the Mental Health Foundation charity.

Very happy to support this kind of endeavour. Here’s why giving, and acts of kindness, improves mental health for the giver.

1./ It takes them out of themselves. Draws focus to others, outwards, rather than to self, inwards.

2./ It proves to themselves that they have worth and value.

3./ It pleases their soul.

4./ It demonstrates to them that they have the power to make people happy.

5./ It demonstrates to them that they have the ability to change the World.

Doing good deeds and acts of kindness is excellent medicine.

You can support The Mental Health Foundation charity by getting involved in some way.

Have a kind day,



Photo by Evan Kirby on Unsplash

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