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Dior gets this wrong. Maybe they were just dipping their toe in.

By bird_lovegod | 18 December 18 10:20am | News and Views

Someone at Dior thought it would be a good idea to use an animated CGI ‘influencer’ on social media. Perhaps they thought there wasn’t quite enough fakery and illusion in the beauty and fashion industry, and it could use a bit extra. Perhaps they were just testing the CGI model waters, as it were.

The CGI model isn’t exactly lifelike, eyes half the size of the head, this kind of thing, anyway, it baffles me why anyone would actually be in any way inspired or impressed with this. Especially with the ‘pinky and perky’ type of crap soundtrack in the background. It’s just poor, on every level. So why do people, some people, buy into this kind of attempt at manipulation? I think they’ve given over their discernment. It reminds me of a woman I saw on TV, being interviewed about her political views. She was bleating “I’m a ‘Trumpet’ (as in Trump supporter) whatever he says is brilliant…” something along those lines. Regardless of who the President or leader is, that kind of dumbed down ‘Yes Please More Ism’ is a concern. It’s devotional. The person is devoted to that leader, and that leader can do no wrong.

Anyway … Dior. Your stuff is nice, lovely, whatever. But try to be a bit more inspiring in your communications. And if it’s all about aspirations and being aspirational, which it is, consider what you are trying to encourage people to aspire to, and to be. A cartoon? Maybe you could even inspire people to be something actually meaningful> ?

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