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Five simple ways ‘suggested content’ from Google could be way improved.

By bird_lovegod | 8 January 19 11:12am | News and Views

The concept of suggested content, the snippets google offers on a smartphone or device is good, but I’m finding it increasingly annoying just how badly it’s delivered. Here’s my suggestions to make it better.

1./ Once I read a suggestion, stop showing it to me. Duh.

2./ Allow me to block specific sites from being suggested. I never want to read anything from the ever again. Nor do I want ‘gossip’ from the Daily Star. Let me block those, why not.

3./ Let me actively choose topics rather than assuming them algorythmicaly. Please. Why must everything be decided by a google algorithm rather than my own human preferences?

4./ Why must we be passive consumers in all this stuff rather than co creators?

5./ I’d like suggested content based on what I want to be suggested, not what google thinks I want. Can that be allowed one day?

Getting cross now. Bye. 🙂

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