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More fresh politics to gnaw on.

By ethicalmuch_admin | 4 January 19 05:58pm | News and Views

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If you loved last year’s debate on the meaningful vote, you’re going to love… this year’s debate on the meaningful vote.

Welcome back, everyone. Did you have a nice festive period? That’s good. Because. Well. Nothing brings you back to earth better than the prospect of lots and lots of people saying the same things about Brexit as they have done for the past 6 months and expect everyone else to suddenly listen to them. 

Jeremy Hunt has promised us that Theresa May will ‘use clearer language’ about the backstop. The EU are saying there is no renegotiating to happen. The DUP have said that if the backstop is still there, they ain’t gonna vote for it. All taken together, it looks like the vote (which isn’t next week, no it’s all just chat next week) will still fall.

So, will we have it this time? If the PM thinks she’s going to lose?  I suppose she’ll have to, but, once again it looks to be anyone’s guess what will happen if it does fall. She can’t be challenged by her own party. But she could face a vote of confidence in her government in the Commons. Which is likely to rest on how the DUP feel about a Corbyn government. 

Anyway. Sorry. If I seem a bit weary, it’s because I am. We’re back a month after the last one and we’re in exactly the same place. How many Conservative (or anyone else for that matter) will be swayed by assurances and clearer language?  

You see, I love politics. I really love it. The competing ideologies battling it out for the right to make the world look more like they want it to. Visions for the future spelt out in rhetoric, passion and action. And yet, here we are. Endlessly squabbling over technicalities of Brexit.  When I go into schools and talk to them about the wonder and potential of this country, is this the debate I should point to? Both sides scoring cheap victories on the other? Unrest at the heart of our major parties? Bile and vitriol from all sides?

And yet. And yet. And yet… this really does matter. The Leave vote won and the government are trying to do what they’ve been asked to. The way we Brexit will change everyone’s life. A bit. A lot. How much kinda depends on how we go. Which is the question. Is Theresa May’s deal the best we’re going to get? Is it what people voted for? Is this still what we want? What does Brexit mean anyway? 

So. Maybe I’m wrong. My fatigue is distorting the way I see this debate. Maybe the three days this week (and two next week) are vital, life-changing discussions about the future of our country. Maybe this is exactly the coming together of wide-ranging ideologies to see what might just be the best thing for our country. 

Here’s hoping. See you next week for a full rundown of what on earth might be going on by 15th January and the vote.

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