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EthicalMuch supports the school strikers. Full heartedly.

By bird_lovegod | 15 February 19 10:32am | Business News, News and Views

Today see’s the first of the UK school strikes, a global taking of responsibility by children.

Initiated six mionths ago by Greta Thunburg, herself only 15 at the time, the Global school strikes have blossomed into one of the only hopes we have for a solution to and reversal of climate change.

These strikes, and the youth movement around them, are about more than change in climate. They’re the emergence of a change of mindset, and that changes everything, from businesses to finance to politics to culture. It’s like a change in the operating system of humanity, a new way of thinking that is elevated above the old. An upgrade desperately needed. An end to selfishness, and greed, the end of the insanity of destroying the environment for the sake of hoarding digitised money.

As one of the founders of EthicalMuch, I just want to give my full hearted support and gratitude to Greta and all the school strikers, all the young people in this movement.

Thank you for giving us hope, and for your action, and for your non action, for your difference, thank you for being the change, for non compliance, for determining your own futures, for doing what you know is right and righteous.

Thank you for your forgiveness and understanding of the generations before you. Thank you for your generosity and love for the generations to come.

Thank you. I, we, will help in any way we can.

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