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How 5 Girls From Kenya Invented An App to Fight FGM. And Won a trip to Google HQ.

By ethicalmuch_admin | 12 February 19 03:36pm | Business News

It’s done in secret at night. You are home for the holidays from boarding school, as there is no school in your rural community in Kenya. You are excited to see your family, but you are also filled with dread. It is circumcision season, and you are 13.
You listen carefully to the conversations at home, wondering which night it will happen, hoping you can run away into the night before the elderly woman with the knife comes. At age 13, a girl becomes a woman in your tribe by undergoing female genital mutilation (FGM) — the partial or total removal of a girl’s external genitals.
It’s a rite of passage in your tribe and makes you eligible for marriage. You don’t want to marry; you’re young and want to stay in school. But your parents have other plans…

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And be amazed at the impact of child sponsorship.

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