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Awwww babies? ! (And a brilliant business)

By bird_lovegod | 8 November 18 10:42pm | News and Views

Bird has a nice chat with Miriam from Nurture Collective… and gets a bit soppy, hence the emojis…

? You’ve got a lovely back story to how you started Nurture Collective … please share!

Hi Bird thank you for your kind words yes of course. Hi, Im Miriam founder of Nurture Collective and mama to Yasmin who was my inspiration to start the the business 6 months ago. After becoming a mum I started really looking into how things were made starting with my daughters baby products, this then lead to me looking at her clothing and I wanted find organic clothing. It was then I realised there are some really great makers out there who are  also banging the same drum, and then so I thought would it great to bring these brands all together under one roof.

? I see from your site you have a dozen different makers and designers of clothing, is nurture collective a sort of ‘one stop shop for lovely handmade ethically sourced children’s clothes and babywear’? Did I get that at least partly right?

Yes that’s right it’s a curated marketplace for ethical and sustainable childrens clothing aged 0-12yrs. We have developed an icon system (our values) of 12 icons which range from organic, vegan, sustainable, eco friendly packaging and so on. Each maker has to fulfill a minimum of 3 of these icons to be part of the collective which represents them. This then enables customers to have more knowledge about the maker and to shop by their values. ?

? You seem to really care about the origins and ethics of the clothing, can you talk to us a bit about that please?

After watching the documentary The True Cost. It was then I really realised what negative impact fashion industry has and I became really motivated and wanted to make a difference. 

? Looking through the designs, I notice many are Unisex, is that deliberate or just how it happened?

Well all of the makers represent aspects of sustainability which is what all brings us all together and unisex clothing is just fab because it makes it super easy to pass on plus it doesn’t gender stereotype.

? What’s selling really well right now? 

Baby rompers and leggings.. 🙂

? Any plan to extend the ranges? I want a t shirt with a fox ? on it! 🙂 

In adult size? I actually get asked that a lot can it come in my size! I have just started a Mamas clothing section which has sweatshirts which actually could be unisex maybe we need to change that to twinning section instead…January we will launching a pre-loved section where any purchases which are finished with can be sent back and resold with a percentage going to charity. 

? That’s totally brilliant, big hugs to you and Yasmin, and much love for the Nurture Collective


Beautiful child image love from Gabby Orcutt on Unsplash

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