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52./ Tried to do a good deed for one man and his dog.

By bird_lovegod | 10 June 19 11:03am | Good Deeds

I was in town, and there was a homeless guy begging, with a litttle poodle, near the M&S. I went into the shop to buy stuff for tea, and thought, I’ll get the man and his dog something as well. So I bought two of those packets of dog food, and a donut for the man. It all took a while because it was busy and I was going a bit wrong from lack of food. Anyway, when I came out, they were gone.

That’s a bit annoying, now I’m walking around with a donut and two packets of dog food, looking for a suitable recipient.

Just as I got to my car I spotted a chap with a dog, he wasn’t homeless, far from it, he was getting into a Range Rover, but I went over and asked if I could give them to him. He was happy to be offered, and said yes, so he ended up getting them. The dog was quite big so I expect he would eat both the tubs of food quite gladly.

I was wondering about the lesson in this, if there is one, there usually is. Maybe it’s about equality. A good deed for a homeless guy is worth the same as a good deed for a (seemingly) more wealthy chap. Imagine if we were just always giving and kind and sharing with one another, as a cultural norm. Wouldn’t that be a strange place to live.

Donation … to Dogs Trust please, seems appropriate.

Kindly sponsored by Sourced.coh

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Editor on 17th June 2019 13:26:07

£5 Donation made to those hounds :)

Editor on 17th June 2019 13:30:59

Dear Mr Much, ( The name’s MUCH. Ethical MUCH!!! ) ? I wanted to write and thank you for showing such compassion to illegally imported dogs with your very thoughtful gift of £5.00 in response to our recent appeal. Your kindness and support mean that, whatever they go through before coming into our care, Dogs Trust can be there for even more dogs just like the beautiful Lola and finally bring the light into their lives that they have been missing. Without your generosity dogs like Lola might never know comfort or happiness and could forever live their lives as victims of this cruel trade. But thanks to you we can be there to nurse dogs like her back to health, offer them a cosy environment to feel safe in and finally show them what it’s like to be loved and cared for. It gives me great pleasure to tell you that with plenty of dedication and time spent by our staff, Lola slowly overcame the trauma from her past and both she and her gorgeous pups found loving new homes. They all continue to do very well and that’s thanks to people like you. Sadly, not all illegally imported dogs’ stories end as happily. Lola’s has been used in our latest smuggling report to represent the thousands of dogs involved in this heartbreaking trade. If you would like to read more about this issue and our ongoing investigation, please visit: You’ve already done so much to help the illegally imported dogs in our care, and we are so very grateful, but if you are interested in taking a further stand against this cruel trade, and haven’t already done so, please email your MP today and ask them to pledge their support to stop the illegal importation of more dogs. More information on how to do this can be found at: Thank you once again for your valued support. Kindest regards, Paula Boyden Veterinary Director

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