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49./ Good Deeds by the sea side

By bird_lovegod | 3 June 19 01:17pm | Good Deeds

We went to Whitby, just for the day, it’s completely lovely! Parked up and walked through the town, by the sea, very English, very familiar and reminiscent. I once camped on the beach in Whitby for a few nights, maybe 15 years ago, and the locals we amazingly friendly, I remember waking up one morning and someone had left some food and gifts by the door of the tent.

Anyway, it’s lovely. And we happened to go into one of the few arcades for a £1 worth of games, 2 Penny push and so on. I found a card on the floor, it was an annual membership for the Museum. Someone had dropped it. I handed it it in, and chatted with the man, he said he lived near the museum and would hand it in to them. I told him I was doing it as a good deed on EM! And I notice the Whitby Museum is a charity, so how about we give them the £5? Or should it go to the lifeboat people? Hmmm let’s give to the museum it’s nice and I’ll donate to the lifeboat people another time.

Thanks EM!

This kind Good Deed was sponsored by MacComms, a lovely PR Agency in Leeds.

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Editor on 17th June 2019 10:52:58

UPDATE: We have requested info on how to donate to Whitby Museum and are awaiting a response...

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