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7./ Some nice cold remedies for the homeless guy

By bird_lovegod | 6 December 18 01:31pm | Good Deeds

I went to Aldi to buy some of the really nice chocolate coated almonds they have. There was a homeless guy in his begging spot by the trolleys. I asked how he was, he said he was a bit under it, having woken up with a cold. I told him I’d get him some Beechams, you know, the cold relief stuff.

So I bought him some cold relief tablets, a different brand, but the same thing, they were only £1.45 I think, and a packet of fizzy vitamin C can zinc. Actually I got two of them, one for myself. They were only 79p or something.

Good Deed total rounded up to £3.

I seems daft, claiming back £3, (especially when it only cost £2.50 or something) but that’s what the EM Good Deed Fund is for. It means it costs nothing to do these small acts of kindness, all it costs is a little thought, and taking the time to share it on the site. And it means a lot to people like Joshua, that was his name I think.

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EthicalMuch Admin on 6th December 2018 15:33:59

Birdman...! That’s really cool of you, I bet Joshua well appreciated it, and we hope he feels better soon. Keep up the good deeds Birdman!

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