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8./ Chocolates for the co op bank man

By bird_lovegod | 6 December 18 01:43pm | Good Deeds

There’s a nice man that works in the Co Op Bank in Sheffield City Centre. He’s just kind, and friendly, and treats people nicely. It helps that he’s usually standing at a serving counter that isn’t behind a screen or glass counter. With banks closing their branches so often, and the depersonalised outcomes of digitisation, it’s really noticeable when a customer services person is present and helpful.

Anyway, I went in the other day, because I wanted to ask about how to invest some money. I happened to have some of the chocolate coated almonds from Aldi in my pocket, and I gave him one. He agreed they were really nice, and made me an appointment to come and chat about ISAs or whatever it will be. He said just to bring myself, and a packet of the almonds. I know he wasn’t being serious about the almonds, but this morning, I thought, sure, why not, I’ll get him a packet. It’s a nice way to say thanks, and it’s Christmas, and why not.

And by using the EM Good Deed fund, the packet of almonds don’t cost me anything anything anyway. Is is, as they say, the thought that counts.

I think they were £2. 

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EthicalMuch Admin on 6th December 2018 15:32:44

Hey Bird! Nice good deed Ser! And you’re quite right to use the EM fund for this! Let’s see what you come up with tomorrow!

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