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35./ One less plastic bottle. There were some littering the park, I collected them.

By bird_lovegod | 24 April 19 12:12pm | Good Deeds

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I thought to write this as a haiku. It’s only a small good deed, but it’s not the size that counts apparently. Here goes:

A bottle from Coke

Perhaps made from a T Rex

Now coming home with me

Hope you like it. I saw the bottle, (actually there was a couple) in the park as litter and thought about how long it would last in the environment, then I thought about how it’s made from oil, which is itself made from ancient carbons. Everything lasts forever, sometimes I think.

Please donate £5 to the breast cancer helpline charity I discovered yesterday. is the link.

PS I took an image but I think it’s got lost. Improvise for me!

This Good Deed was kindly sponsored by super fantastic marketing agency 


Nice haiku… and an interesting thought… Is my keyboard made from a Stegosaurus I wonder? It could be…!

We sorted the donation.

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