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4./ Life is a Rocky Road Good Deed

By bird_lovegod | 28 November 18 03:05pm | Good Deeds

It’s no big deal, I was in M&S shopping for my tea, hunting a few bargains, when I found a load of these Rocky Road bars for 15p each. I was going to buy a couple, then I thought, naaa, let’s buy em all, and give them to homeless people and such like when they ask for change. So I bought 14 of them. 

I feel a bit tight claiming back the money, but tbh, if I hadn’t thought of the EM Good Deed fund, I might have bought just one or two to give away. I’ll claim back the money for just ten of them. Only fair, coz I did eat one myself already!

£1.50 claimed. Thanks!

EM SAYS: Hey, that’s cool Birdman! The fund is there to be used, and now ten people are going to be made happy with one of those bars. Well done dude, keep up the good work you big eagle!

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Marks and Spencers get it wrong. - Ethical Much on 30th November 2018 12:29:22

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