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Good Deed #3 Saying Yes.

By bird_lovegod | 27 November 18 04:35pm | Good Deeds

At the beginning of this year I was in a bit of a tangle, and working in a charity shop helped me get back into the flow of life. I worked for about a month, until I was offered another job, which lead to another, and another, and I’m now very grateful for those first steps. I pop into the BHF shop in Ecclesall Road every week or so, and say hi, and pick up some really good bargains actually! 

So, my good deed was saying yes when they asked me if I could do a few hours a week helping out behind the till, and sorting out and pricing stock. I enjoy it, as it happens. It’s no stress, happy to serve, chatting with people.

Thanks BHF. You helped me. Happy to help you back. 

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