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851. Gave a guy £20

By bird_lovegod | 16 January 24 05:14pm | Good Deeds

I was in church in town, a day before Christmas, and a chap came in, just looking to talk, and get warm, and have a cup of tea really. I got chatting with him, he showed me all the self harm scars on his arms, and told me about some of his problems. He wanted some food, so I went to the chippy for him, and got him a steak pie and a sausage sandwich. He ate the sandwich, really enjoying it, telling me he will save the steak pie for later. Maybe it will be his Christmas dinner.

We chatted a little more, and I decided to give him my phone number, and also some cash, £20. He didn’t have a phone, so he could, if he decided to, spend £10 and buy one.

I don’t know what he decided to do. I haven’t heard from him. But I knew when I gave him the money that he would do whatever he wanted to do with it, but it was Christmas, and that was our gift to him. I wanted him to buy the phone though. If he had, and if he had kept in touch, there’s so much more could have done to help. But that’s the thing with this job, if it is a job, it’s about offering help, and giving people the means to access that help and support, but if they don’t want it, that’s ok to.

£27, cash and food.

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