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849. Another big Christmas shop

By bird_lovegod | 10 January 24 05:16pm | Good Deeds

I think this is about a months worth of food. I know he can freeze a lot of it, and he will have to because there’s more than any man can eat in the tend days before Christmas. As well as loads of everything, we also bought him a joint of beef, which will be lovely for Christmas dinner, plus all the veg, and Yorkshire puddings 🙂 Also some Lindor chocolate truffles, and a packet of smoked salmon, which he actually got two of because I bought one for myself then accidentally included it in his bags. Plus we got him a half shoulder of lamb, my favourite meat, plus a whole extra large chicken, that was probably a bit over the top, plus loads of nice sauces to make curry or sops of whatever from the chicken. Also lots of tins of veg, which last forever, plus fresh fruit and veg and olives and also toiletries and chocolates. I wanted him to feel blessed and loved this Christmas.


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