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766. Lady with a hard life.

By bird_lovegod | 13 February 23 03:30pm | Good Deeds

She has had a really hard life, and continues to, poverty, violence, drugs, lack of education, and being in a sub set of society that knows nothing of how to raise above the level of subsistence, just, by dependence of the state. Realistically there’s not much by way out, in material terms. She’s probably on disability, and even if she was able to get a job, of some sort, she would earn no more and possibly less than she does now on benefits. When benefits are high enough to live on, which they are if the person is getting housing benefit, and wages are too low to live on, which they are if it’s a minimum wage job, there’s not much of an option other than to stay on the benefits. And given that she has no car, and won’t be able to drive anyway, even going to a job interview would cost more money than she probably has spare. Not that she would get an interview, having probably never had a job. For her, and the millions like her, there is no ladder to climb. There just isn’t. Why even bother trying to climb, and to where, when surviving is hard and perilous enough. In some ways she’s quite free. Ground floor. no going up, and no going down. If she dedicated herself to seeking Jesus, she might just find life is perfect. In an unlikely and ironic kind of way.

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