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758. First one of 2023

By bird_lovegod | 3 January 23 06:14pm | Good Deeds

She texted and phoned, a bit desperate, I was already in town so did a shop at a local butcher, buying her a lovely selection of meat, eggs, and nice home made meals. When I met her she also asked for some money on her gas and electricity, and gave me £6 towards the cost. She started telling me a story about when she was in intensive care, when her partner tried to kill her, this was some time ago, and also told me she was on drugs but has now given them up after being in hospital with pneumonia. She said she would wait for me to come back, the top up shop was just round the corner. I suggested she prayed whilst she waited.

So many people have lives like this. Violence, trauma, drugs to numb it all, everyone they know being involved in drugs and crime and no one in their life to provide any other options or alternatives. They live on benefits and whatever else they can hustle, and fall from crisis to crisis in their personal lives. They all know each other in the small communities in which they live, and all take a lot of interest in each others business, they borrow from each other, look after each other, support each other, gossip about each other, fall out with each other, make up with each other, and are all in the same half sunk boat.

The State supports them with housing, housing that is cold and damp and expensive to heat with heaters that break and nothing is efficient or easy. For them, existing is work. Hard work.

Only Jesus himself can really make an impact in their lives. I prayed for him to call her. For her to hear. And for me to do what I can do to help in whatever way I’m called to.

She was happy because she had had Christmas with her daughter for the first time in 20 years. I gave her the £6 back by the way.

£30 utilities

£30.30 food

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