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757. Delivery fit for a king.

By bird_lovegod | 3 January 23 05:53pm | Good Deeds

May have gone slightly overboard on this one!

But is is Christmas, and I wanted to provide an abundance of blessings for him, as is in keeping with the season.

This amount of food will last many weeks, he has a freezer, so he can freeze most of it. There’s also dozens of jars, and many dozens of tins, as well as toiletries, and luxury items like honey and olives and tins of salmon.

I shopped for him without consideration of cost. Just wanting to provide him with the best, and the most. There’s lamb chops, a lamb joint, lamb steaks, a ribeye steak, some frying steaks, mackerel fillets, king prawns, an aromatic duck loads of rice, three different curry sauces in jars, dozens of tins of different kinds of beans and chick peas and a turkey roast for Christmas day.

There’s a lot to this chaps story, but I’m only going to share it in the magazine rather than online, for reasons of privacy. I’ll also show all the shopping it’s the best ‘food parcel’ anyones ever had ever! For for a king.

£155.87 from Good Deed Fund

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