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70./ The Fat Worm. Some people might think this is a bit gross but I call it a Good Deed.

By bird_lovegod | 23 July 19 12:15pm | Good Deeds

Cycling through the park, there’s usually an opportunity for a Good Deed of some sort.

I see a dried worm on the path. Dead.

Hmmm. I know a bridge a few hundred yard away, fat trout live under it, I bet they would appreciate a nice still slightly juicy worm.

I wrap it in a tissue and when I get to the bridge I drop it in. It sinks, resting on the stream bed, and the trout circle, one of them is a whopper, a brown trout easily a foot long. A smaller one takes his chance and darts in.

I bet that trout was happy.

And the Worm continues on the circle of life.

Next day, I happened to find another fat worm on the path, by the bridge. But it was alive. So I took him to the grass verge and put him in a shady spot in some soil.

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