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71./ One act of kindness that I won’t ever forget!

By Lu-does-good | 31 July 19 03:06pm | Good Deeds

So yesterday I had a very emotionally draining appointment which had an unusual effect on me physically to the point I’m stood in the middle of the street being sick. Was so embarrassing and I was desperate for the ground to swallow me up! Until a lovely lady from the children’s hospital came over to help me. Was so unexpected but kind. She walked me to the bench and sat me down to ensure I was really okay and refused to leave until I was feeling better, drank some water and was able to get back up and carry on.

Probably one of those moments I won’t ever forget!

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Editor on 31st July 2019 15:13:45

Hi Lu... Oh dear! I do hope you’re feeling better now! Bless you! The good news is you’ve won a nice little prize this month, for all the good deeds you’ve posted. You’ll be getting an email shortly.... And you’ve also raised £12 for Snowdrop Project. Every cloud has a silver lining and all that! ⛅️?

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