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569 to 576 inclusive

By bird_lovegod | 21 October 21 06:58pm | Good Deeds

Eight food parcel deliveries in a day. With the help of Bev! A fantastic subscriber turned volunteer without whom there’s no way these could have got done :O And everyone got flowers again, which is lovely. Nine receipts because we bought the flowers separately as an afterthought at the end 🙂

Putting them all together on one post to save admin time 😉

And a week later, we discovered we both got a £40 fine from ALDI’s car park because we were in the shop for too long … appealing it of course, ALDI should give us a reserved car parking space and a golden trolley for all the business we give them :)X

Total spend: £24.52 x 6 + £28.20 + £32.62 + £13.01 = £220.95

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