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567. He’s a really good guy !

By bird_lovegod | 6 October 21 03:26pm | Good Deeds

Bought him a modest sized shop, and all raw ingredients, except the korma sauce. Onions, carrots, rice beans lentils, ostrich steaks (!) tomatoes, a good quality korma sauce, wholegrain rice, sweet potato, red peppers, beef tomatoes, white cabbage, chicken thighs, and a rose in a pot 🙂

Ostrich Korma … you don’t get that at S6 foodbank 🙂

It’s good to introduce people to new things, and the ostrich is super healthy, very high protein, almost no fat, and having bought them for myself I can affirm they are actually delicious.

£16.42 from subscriber fund. Bargain.

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