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566. A lot of love for this guy

By bird_lovegod | 6 October 21 03:08pm | Good Deeds

When I first started taking him shopping, over a year ago, he was basically crippled with pain. He’s in his 40s I think, very strong, he used to be a weightlifter, then suffered a slipped disc during training and it crippled him. Even to the point that 6 months ago I bought him new crutches as part of a support package. Some days he couldn’t stand, or walk. And every time he came to the door he was propped on crutches or a stick and was clearly suffering. He’d been like that for years, and only receives minimum benefits…

Last week I got a message from a friend of his saying he’d been taken into hospital, with some really serious chest and body pains. The hospital thought maybe a heart attack, but he came back negative for that, and everything else. They still don’t know what was wrong, and discharged him a few days later.

When he answered the door today, he looked so much better than I had ever seen him. He didn’t have crutches, he wasn’t in obvious pain, he could walk, and was just so happy, when I shook his hand, I really got a sense of his strength.

Here’s the thing. He credits his recovery from the back pain, and from the mystery hospital visit, with him praying, in real need, to Jesus. He says when he was in hospital and really cried out, the pain halved in half an hour, then just faded away. This guy used to be a Muslim, and says that Jesus came to him in dreams, then started healing him, and changing his heart. And what can I say. He’s standing there, glowing with life, loving life, healed from agony, and as I drive on to the next delivery I shed a few tears of happiness for him. Such a good man, in such hard suffering, and now healed and still healing, years of pain, fading away… like a miracle. When you see someone restored like that, from what I know he was like… extraordinary. I feel slightly awe struck.

The shopping was a really nice selection, rice, red peppers, sweet potatoes, feta cheese, garlic, peppermint tea, a shoulder of lamb to roast, and lamb kebabs, halloumi, olives, tomatoes, mackerel, lentils, loads of nice things, and a pot of basil, and also a rose, in a plant pot.

£41.96 from subscriber fund.

Everyone gets a rose today.

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