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458. Just the electric

By bird_lovegod | 18 May 21 09:07pm | Good Deeds

She’s from Saudi Arabia, doesn’t speak much English, young lady, seems to be ok for shopping but we’re happy to be able to add £25 onto her pre pay electricity meter every month when she asks.

It’s like a tiny snippet of her life that we get to see, I wonder what her story is, how she came to be here, I wonder if she would be willing to share. I don’t tend to ask about people’s lives too much, although people are often happy to talk, once they open up, and everyones story is different, but always hard. I just listen, and sympathise, and always, I’m thinking about opportunities to help, what more can we do, what can I suggest, who can I connect them with, what other services can I find… Maybe all I need to do is listen, when they want to share, and not try to problem solve all the time. Anyway… I’m interested in people. People are interesting.

£25 from subscriber fund.

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