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446. He’s starting to get his life back in order

By bird_lovegod | 24 April 21 08:09pm | Good Deeds

Last year he was sentenced to a few months in prison for drink driving. His teenage daughter had phoned him to pick her up, and he did, and was arrested with her in the car, an aggravating factor. The ricochet from this was that his wife went on a drinking binge whilst he was inside, and his other three children were taken into care. He was released into a secure housing facility, where we first took him a food parcel. That place has since, mercifully, closed, and he’s now in a council flat. He’s frequently in court, trying to get custody, or at least access, to the kids. He also visits the doctors every week, on a voluntary basis, to get tested for drugs and alcohol, to add to his record of good behaviour. He was a rock bottom when I first met him. Now, slowly, he’s getting his life together. Piece by piece.

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