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433. A council worker calls us for help on a Saturday.

By bird_lovegod | 29 March 21 06:59pm | Good Deeds

Council care workers are always running around, looking after dozens of people a day, and sometimes there’s a situation they can’t fix. Today was one such time. A lady had been discharged from hospital, after two months, and her gas had been disconnected for safety reasons, and not switched back on. It’s Saturday, no one can come and do anything until next week, and she has no heating. The council worker found from a colleague that EthicalMuch can problem solve without limitation :). So, I went and bought a halogen heater, and took it round. The care worker had left ten minutes before I got there, and it took half an hour to get the door open, the key box wasn’t co operating and the lady inside could only just about get around in the wheelchair on the thick carpets. She ended up posting the keys through the letterbox and I was able to go in and set the heater up. Stayed and chatted for a while, then another care worker arrived, did the washing up and various bits and pieces, and we chatted together. The care worker was very happy to have discovered us, one issue she has is some of her clients need to get cash out of the bank or postoffice, but can’t, because they can’t travel to an ATM. And none of the carers are allowed to go for them. So it’s a recurring problem that people can’t access their benefits, or pensions.

She was amazed, delighted, that we at EthicalMuch would be able to do this for people. Go to an ATM for them. It’s basically because we operate by compassion, trust, and common sense. But how do you make that into a scaleable system? It’s good that EthicalMuch is small and flexible and able to operate according to solving peoples problems, without a huge rulebook determining what we can, and cannot do.

The lady with leg in bandages had TB in the bone. Very rare. Really nice lady, going to take her some flowers tomorrow, and maybe some chocolates or something:)

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