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432. Also had his benefits cut.

By bird_lovegod | 29 March 21 06:37pm | Good Deeds

A wave of benefits cuts has just happened. It’s as if it works like this: Someone decides, periodically, they need to reduce payouts. The way they do this is indiscriminately cut benefits, perhaps by area or postcode, or some other metric, that has nothing to do with eligibility. Perhaps according to what type of benefit it is they are trying to reduce. So they cut benefits for hundreds, or perhaps thousands of people at once. This means these people have to reapply or appeal. This reduces the numbers claiming. Many, perhaps most of the claims, will be successful and they will go back up. But in the mean time it reduces the numbers. And it weeds out the people who are not able to reclaim or appeal, for whatever reason. It’s a systematic way of reducing claimants. It’s pretty obvious when it happens. It’s nothing to do with any changes in the claimants circumstances, that’s for sure. What can have changed in the last nine months?

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