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399. Two electric blankets ordered from bed.

By bird_lovegod | 18 February 21 02:57pm | Good Deeds

Again, it was snowing and it was a Saturday morning, one of the guys had asked to try to find him a cheap electric blanket, good idea I think, and order one for him, and one for another lady in the same block of flats. I buy them online from Argos and text him the collection code, they live near town anyway, and that night they were both warm and cosy. One of the guys has arthritis and he texted the next day to say how much it had helped, sleeping in warmth.

Easy to help sometimes.

£26.99 X 2 = £53.98 + £5.99 for an extension lead = £59.97 total. Funded by the Thorne family + £9.97 from subscriber fund

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