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398. One from last week when it was snowing

By bird_lovegod | 18 February 21 02:45pm | Good Deeds

It was freezing and snowing and late in the evening and I really couldn’t face going to the supermarket for the two people who are really imploring me to. I’ve taken them parcels maybe two dozen times, I know them and trust them, so I had a bit of an idea.

We sometimes get cash donations, which usually get spent on electric top ups for people, because it’s hard to manage cash in our digital payments system. I had £30 cash, so I drove to meet them outside the block where they live, and gave one of them the £30, and trusted them to spend it half each at the nearby Tesco express.

Half an hour later I got the receipt texted through to me. They were within 8p.

£30 funded by anon cash donors

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