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389. We put £40 on his electric

By bird_lovegod | 4 February 21 03:51pm | Good Deeds

He phoned in, asking if maybe we could put a fiver on to last until next week. One of our subscribers had generously donated £40, so we thought that might be more in keeping. He was almost reluctant to accept, it’s too much, but we explained it’s from a donor and it’s ok. He was really happy, says it’ll last about 5 weeks. Amazing.

Also, we are getting more cards next week, the ones to put through doors in areas where people are in hardship. He’s going to deliver them for us, he knows all the area, pointed out a tower block where, he says, people are especially in need. He’s excited about helping us.

The plastic bag contains DVDs, Starwars box set and 300. Good day. May the Force be with him.

£40 funded by Vicky T. DVDs from Max.

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