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348. Mr W is back in hospital but…

By bird_lovegod | 2 December 20 12:34pm | Good Deeds

It’s all good. Went round to take him his food shopping but no answer, thought he probably was taken back to hospital, so popped round the following day just at the same time as people from the council were arriving. I introduced myself and we chatted, they’re helping look after Mr W now, he’s back in hospital but coming home later and they were there to clean his flat and de clutter and make it safer. Glad he’s getting more care. Swopped details with the council, we can refer people to them, and they can refer to us. The guy from the council was really nice, and it’s great we can work together, already have someone in mind we can refer for more support. Gave the council chap the shopping so Mr W will have full cupboards when he comes home.

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