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180./ We hurt as One

By EMEditor | 9 May 20 04:24pm | Good Deeds

Here’s the image from this delivery and number 179.

We Hurt As One in the background, along with a couple of cans, and a sleeping bag.

These two chaps got a bag each, but even if they only had one, they would share. One thing about street folk, they do share with each other. Communities do, I think. People living in houses share with the people next door and one their road, to varying degrees. People on the landings of flats will share with their neighbours, to varying degrees. And people who spend most of their time on the streets share with each other also.

But here’s the thing. These communities are ‘siloed;’ they’re separated, disconnected, geographically and culturally and socially. In a Venn diagram, they don’t even touch.

This is one of the roles of EthicalMuch. To connect these communities. This is what we are doing. It’s a service to everyone, to those who give, who want to be able to help and reach out and know it gets where it’s meant to, and it’s a service to those who receive, because they are receiving resources they otherwise wouldn’t. And they’re also receiving care, and kindness, and a feeling and understanding that whilst they may be in one place, and the donors are in another, they are still part of the same community.

EthicalMuch only operates in Sheffield, at the time of writing. It’s a way for the people in Sheffield to support one another. I’d like to see EthicalMuch really grow in Sheffield, to change lives in this City, many lives, to be a system that levels the inequalities, that enables people who want to help to be able to, in the most effective and individualised way possible. We can, together, make a huge difference to the lives of individuals and families here in Sheffield. One at at time. There’s enough love in this city to do it.

These kind things were funded by U via our GoFundMe

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