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179./ Two deliveries to two guys begging.

By EMEditor | 9 May 20 04:06pm | Good Deeds

Whilst in Aldi I thought to buy a couple of bags of supplies for homeless people and people on the street. There’s enough of them around to be able to opportunistically give them a bag when available.

The bags contain a mix of toiletries, toothbrush, paste, hand wipes, and food and snacks. Just a little thing really, but it’s practical, useful, it shows caring and compassion and why not.

These two guys were outside Sainsburys on Ecclesall road, where the gym is, with the slogan We hurt as one. Probably not rough sleepers, especially as one of them was in a wheelchair due to having no legs, but even so, people, in need, struggling with life. Who are we to say who deserves, or does not deserve, some cake bars, a bottle of water, and toothpaste. (The toothbrushes come in packs of two so they are on the next receipt.)

Kindly funded by U via our GoFundMe

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