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159./ Care package two for the homeless.

By EMEditor | 30 April 20 11:51am | Good Deeds

I pull into Waitrose car park to see if there’s any rough sleepers or people begging, and there is, a young lad I’ve seen around Sheffield for a few years, bought him sausage rolls in the past, from Gregs. Back in the days. Before.

I pull up the car and get him a bag of goodies from the boot, we chat a while, I ask him if he’s been in touch with the outreach services, Framework, it’s called. He tells me he’s actually waiting for them to come today, so that’s good, maybe they can help get him accommodated and all the other help he needs.

I give him one of the bags, we chat a while longer, and I leave him to it.

There’s something about these photos, these bags, on pavements and doorsteps. Poignant.

Provided by Phil S Via GoFundMe

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