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160./ Third care package to a long time friend

By EMEditor | 30 April 20 12:17pm | Good Deeds

Pulling into Aldi, I see a familiar face, a chap I first met in London easily ten years ago, we were on the same late night coach heading into Sheffield. Let’s call him J.

Saw him and beeped his attention, pulled over and we started chatting straight away, I’ve known him as a rough sleeper for a decade, and he tells me he’s got a flat now, which is great, and he was looking ok. I know he has a heart condition as well, has a pacemaker I think, and they took out all his teeth when they fitted it, I remember. Anyway, J’s a good soul, he really is, and I was happy to give him the final bag of goodies.

I asked him what else he needed, he said clothes, I asked if he has a phone to text us, no, so I arranged to meet him again, next day, at Aldi at 1. J is one of those guys I want to look after long term. I honestly count his as a friend.

Provided by Phil S via our GoFundMe

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