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155./ Still Monday, and with extra compassion.

By EMEditor | 27 April 20 07:52pm | Good Deeds

This client was reluctant to ask for anything, he had a small food parcel last week, and then got in touch again because he really needed electricity topping up. We asked if he needed any more food, and he said no, he would be ok, he still had two tins of spaghetti left. We asked if he had bread or milk, he said no, but it was ok, he would be ok…

So as well as his electricity top up we got him another nice food parcel.

He wasn’t expecting it and it made his day, getting more than he expected, more than he asked for.

Then we took his electricity fob and went to the shop for him and put £10 on it and brought it back.

It’s just looking after people, treating them as people, of course we want to give him enough food, of course we want him to have bread and milk and soup and even a chocolate bar, and for him not to have to worry about his electricity running out.

Power is the ability to make people happy.

This really good day was made possible by Phil S. via our GoFundMe

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